One-stop-shop Virtual Collaboration

by attackofthelines

Wikis range from simple editable web pages to really intricate intranet systems.

Companies who have realized the power of collaboration between employees from different departments or even different locations go to the extent of establishing an intranet which is a one-stop cyber work desk. Some intranets look like a dashboard where you could see your planner, files, urgent stuff which you currently need to do, and even an instant messaging platform for communicating with your colleagues.

Back in my OJT days, my boss tasked me to upload our media buys on the intranet for easy access with the people in the Singapore office. The platform looked exactly like your typical online dashboard (e.g. NetVibes) except that
it had widgets for a planner and scheduler, a To-Do list, a documents repository, and one for media plan and buy uploads. The media plan and buy uploads has its own form where you just fill in the costs, outlets, and other details. It even converts the cost in pesos to euros. What’s even more interesting is that you can access the buys from other offices of the agency all over the world. At the time, I didn’t really realize that I was working on a wiki. That platform is an example of a wiki rolled into an intranet.

I wish I could post the screenshot of the intranet here but silly me, I seem to have lost the damned file. So much for the practicum folder.

Anyway, you can do a lot with a wiki. If you want a virtual office with a virtual desk and a virtual conference room where you can meet with anyone anytime anywhere, then installing a wiki is the way to go.

Furthermore, it’s not only companies who can wiki. We students can too.

Professors can set up a wiki for his classes where he can upload documents and lectures and even let students do group activities online. This type of wiki is great for internet courses.

For students who really strive to be organized with their academic life and their group projects (disclaimer: not me), there are free wiki places online like PBWorks where you have your assignments tab, activity tracker, planner, and of course, workspaces for group meetings.

PBWorks for students

What’s great about wikis is that they are really great one-stop shops where work and communication with colleagues both local and international is rolled into one. Read: virtual office. On the other hand, some platforms only allow for one-at-a-time editing. For work that involves brainstorming and instant input, waiting for people to type in their contributions can be a drag. Nevertheless, having a wiki workplace means that you only need a computer and an internet connection to do all your work and harness all the power and awesomeness of collaboration.

Here are some free work sites for students:

These sites can also host organizations for a certain fee.

For companies who want to establish their own wiki, they can go to: