Ambula: Home-cooked Delights Just Around the Corner (with a not-so-short backgrounder for SMR)

by attackofthelines

Before I give y’all my sample social media release, let’s talk about what a social media release is.

A social media release is akin to a press release or an article about a business, a company, or an organization. The added feature to this document is that it’s made easier to share and more interesting to read.

While the phenomenon of NSM has made it imperative for media releases to change and accommodate the new media consumption of netizens, some basic communication and writing principles don’t change.

Let’s look at some guidelines:

1. Keep it short, simple, concise, but it still should have the BAM factor.  Since people’s attention spans are getting considerably shorter, it’s best to grab them at the first few sentences to get them to read the whole release.

2. Speak the language of your audience. To communicate is the first and foremost goal of the SMR and even for the traditional press release. Therefore, if you want to communicate the right message to the right people, say the right words.

3. The Internet is a form of visual media. In this form, images are important in communicating to people. A generous helping of pictures and videos will help keeping readers engaged to your release. It’s also important to organize not only the body of your text but also that of the whole webpage. Elements should be balanced and colors should be pleasing to the eye. Pages with poor layout can turn people off at first sight. They might not even get to the body of your release.

4. If you can’t help writing a long release, it will help if you create sections in your text. If you’re moving to a new point or idea, place a heading over that content. It will give your audience room to breathe.

With these basic principles in mind, you can probably make a pretty good social media release. If you’re having doubts about your release, step into the shoes of your reader. If you find that there’s something off or missing with your release, it’s time to edit edit edit!

And so, for my sample media release, I did one for Ambula, a restaurant located near UP Diliman. Take a gander below.

Trying my hand at SMR. Hope it's not a total failure.

So there. I invite you to eat at Ambula if ever you pass by the area. The food is great! Try their Kare-kare,  Sisig, and their Lechon Kawali and Lechonsilog.