Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+S. Wait. Where’s the Like Button on this Thing?!

by attackofthelines

For selecting specific texts: cursor drag, ctrl+C, ctrl+V, ctrl+S.

For music: click on Limewire, type in title of song and name of artist, select host, click Download.

For photos: right mouse click, save image as, select directory, press enter.

For particularly tricky content (e.g. Flash), there’s always Print Screen…

I remember when Sir Barry asked us what kinds of content arouse our interest, how we know that those are interesting, and what we do with those that we like.

Well, for content that I positively like or like to the point of LOVE, I follow the steps indicated above (and more for other special stuff that require special techniques).

On further thought, and because I need to write something for my communication blog, I started thinking along the lines of the questions that Sir Barry posed.

And so, I came up with my levels of “Like” and what I do when I “Like.”

Level 1: Force Feed

These are content that are particularly unsavory and hard to digest but are good for the mind (or so professors say). I don’t have anything against education, and I do believe that whatever our professors make us read is for our own good. But there are texts that are so dry and so technical that I am very tempted to click on the Back button.

This does not only apply to academic texts. There are other informational content online that I know are well, informational and  important, but are written or presented in a way (poor page layout added to already uninteresting writing) that takes effort to even scan.

Much as I would like to close the tab, I have to read and extract the information that I want.

Level 2: Informational but not necessarily Interesting

There is a difference between “interesting” and “informational” just as there’s a difference between “REALLY?” then read word for word and “oh, that’s nice” then scroll up and down, scan, get main idea, and click back.

I usually categorize some news articles and other academic texts under this level. These content keep me updated with what’s going on in the world, but they are just that – informational. They are not particularly interesting to me either because they do not fall under my interests or because they just fail to pique my interest. This is not to say that these kinds lack in informational value or importance. I’m just not interested.

Level 3: Informational and Interesting

There are kinds of content that provide information on my interests (e.g. US Open is starting on the 30th with Del Potro out with an injury), and there are those that provide such new information that catch my attention and thus make them interesting (e.g. news headlines for the day: read hostage taking and Hong Kong’s bashing).

Level 4: So Informational and Interesting that I Click on Related Articles or Google Search

These are usually content that I find so interesting that I am prompted to read and search for more information. An example would be a particularly well written article on foreign economic policy that provided new information and piqued my interest. Because I found the topic to be interesting, I want to update myself on what other things are going on with the American or Chinese economy.

Level 5: BAM!

Or as it goes by its other name, the “OH DEAR GOD” level.

These are kinds of content that knock me out as soon as I reach period. Whatever type of content they may be, whether its a news article, an academic text, a Facebook stat, a Tweet, a picture (oh, especially pictures), a video, or whatever, if they’re that funny, that shocking, or that scandalous, they’re sure to leave my jaw hanging. And this usually leads me to the next level:

Level 6: Where’s the Damn “Like” Button on this Thing?!

There’s no problem if it’s a Facebook stat or object or an entry on WordPress.

Seriously, would you not look for a Like button when you see a cute thing like that poking out of a bush?

For sites that don’t have the “Like” function, let’s look at the next level:

Level 7: Comment!

The authors should know how much their content affected my senses! If they somehow killed one of their readers, they should know, shouldn’t they? Besides, it’s also one way of letting them know whatever else I’m thinking, and it’s really fun interacting with the authors. If we’re talking about something that interests us both, it’s really just fun to laugh and share stories about it. A lot of fanfiction ideas came from the comments and the conversations that ensue between me and fellow writers (comment boxes turn to convo boxes). Aside from fanfiction, I think it’s a lot satisfying to be able to talk to the author of the content and talk more about what he/she posted. Not to mention that other people can also join in the fun.

Level 8: Repost, Share, Tag, Retweet, and Pull Up a YM Window to Spread the Word to a Friend

This is why I love Facebook so much! It’s easy to repost, share, and tag. Other people should be as excited, depressed, or concerned about this as I am! In the case of Twitter, it’s as simple as cursor drag, ctrl+C, ctrl+V, type in “RT @” and add your comment. Or if you just plainly want to strictly Retweet, there’s always that “Retweet” button. And if these aren’t enough, there’s always YM to facilitate the joy, sadness, or panic between me and a friend.

Level 9: Rant about It on My Blog

And if the emotions can’t be reigned in by Level 8, there’s always the blog to go to. Personally, it’s gratifying to hear other people’s opinion about what I just read, saw, or heard. By people I mean online friends who I only met on the interwebs. Sometimes, it’s enlightening to hear what other people outside my circle of close friends say about the matter. It’s pretty cool (and comforting) to know that other people out there take time to respond to whatever it is I’m saying.

Level 10: Save Target As

Because the content is just to great to pass up, it’s time to use the power of the ctrl key and the Save Target As command. I want to have a part (or a whole) of that awesomeness all to myself even when I’m offline.

Level 11: Dukot, Abot, Alok

A moment of failure here as I forgot the original lines from the Chippy commercial. Anyway, this stage is where I exhaust (or try to) every means of sharing with other people the awesomeness or the un-awesomeness of a particular content. This is also where I try to contribute to that certain content. If it’s gratifying to share, then it’s also as satisfying to contribute and collaborate (hello fanfiction!).

Some levels happen simultaneously and some lines blur between stages, but one thing’s for sure: if I like, you’ll know that I LIKE.

P. S.

I somehow exchanged this post with the one posted before this. I guess I was just too excited to talk about sports that I wrote and posted that one before this one that’s supposed to talk about the class’s latest lesson.

As for the SMR, well, that’s coming up soon. Take note of SOON.


Because Karen made me guilty that I put acad-related stuff on the first two levels, I would like to say that I do find some (read: SOME) academic material to be interesting. Really.