The Frontlines

by attackofthelines

Hello everyone, welcome to attackofthelines.

It’s kind of strange writing (and for that matter, keeping) this blog. I actually have a “serious” blog – the creation of which is mandated by OrCom 152. Not that this is all because keeping the blog comprises 15% of my grade in said subject.

Therefore, this is primarily going to be a communication blog, where I post most valued learnings on the subject. Again, because of OrCom 152.

Okay, I will stop with the OrCom 152 bit. Damn, I did it again.

But seriously, I think that keeping a blog of this nature will be a chance for me to grow in terms of my writing and critical thinking. This endeavor will also be an avenue of continuously discovering and learning more and more about my chosen field of study (and work), namely, Organizational Communication.

If there is anything I have learned from my degree program, it is that most of the learning experience happens outside the classroom – along the corridors, during the work  sessions at Coffee Bean, the late night YM conferences, the hushed conversations amidst stacks of books in the library, the long hours of video production work.

Learning is a never-ending battle between the world and your own inertia. You wish for sleep and relaxation, but the looming deadlines and inevitable exams make it practically impossible for you to even close one eye.

In a deeper sense, you have to win countless wars to grow as an individual. The battle scars that have been embedded into your skin do not mean that you were too weak to dodge or fight off the enemies’ bullets. They are reminders of what you have withstood in order to live and survive.

But I am getting ahead of myself, and probably getting way off topic. This is still a communication blog after all.

So let’s talk about communication. The reason why I named this blog attackofthelines is because everyday, one is bombarded with every mode of communication possible. With the proliferation and continuous growth of communication technologies, it is quite impossible to shield yourself from these unrelenting attacks. Everyday, new trends make their way into the battlefield, forever changing the communication landscape. The challenge is not how to defend yourself, but how to use these trends and technologies to YOUR advantage. You should also be able to recognize which would do more harm and good. Then again, you should be able to go for what is best for you and your comrades.

After all, communication wins and loses battles. It can be that one spark which would start or end wars. Note that wars mean a whole variety of communication situations.

Communication can either make or break a person. It can win or lose elections. It can gain or lose trust. It can ring triumphs or bellow warnings. It can save or ruin reputations. It can be the success or the downfall of an organization. It can either sell products or bankrupt a corporation.

It is my and your responsibility to wield such a powerful weapon. Let us use it well.


On a lighter note, I’m no newbie when it comes to blogging. I keep a personal blog at a place right under people’s noses should they care to sniff it out. I look different outside my work clothes and whatever serious toxic business I carry out here is the complete opposite of what I post there. That blog contains teenage angst (I do believe I still look like a teenager although that ship has long sailed),the kilig moments that I am prone to have, the stories of dreams that I would rather be realities rather than fantasies, and so are those that have been the result of too much boredom (hello, memes).

I also keep a writing blog where I keep my short stack of short stories, but it is only for those of strong wills and tough inner organs. There is more than one reason why I like the color green.

Then again, innocence is never my strong suit. And so is coherence.

Peace out!